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Send your work on beautiful branded Presentation Boards. Simply drag and drop to upload, arrange, then send for viewing feedback or download.

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Don’t just send your work, present it

Stop sending files in bland folders, hidden within zip files, only to be opened one by one from a desktop. This is your work, give it the respect it deserves by creating presentations using our Presentation Boards that deliver your files beautifully each time.

It’s simple. Upload, arrange, share

Loads of uses. Loads of flexibility

Whether you’re sharing the days photoshoot, sending a press kit, presenting design work, or collaborating with another creative, Boards present your files beautifully every time.

Collaborate with anyone, anywhere

Whether you’re sending work to your client or collaborating with an external team,
the discussion stays in context with the work.

Internal & external discussion

You can invite anyone with access to your Board link to join the discussion. No sign up or log in neccesary.

Precise feedback and discussion

The annotation tool allows you to be specific with your feedback. Draw on top any image to highlight the areas of discussion. This feature is also available to anyone with a link to your board. No log in or sign up neccessary.

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Stacked with powerful features

Projo has a stack of useful tools and our list is growing. As a PRO member you’ll get first access to all up coming features.

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We take the security of your files seriously. That’s why we store every file that you upload on Amazon S3 servers. So you can be sure that everything you uopload will be safe and secure.

Collect references while you browse

Add our chrome browser extension to quickly collect images, video and bookmarks for reference, ideas and moodboards.

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Don't just send your files, present them

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