Flexible Presentation Boards

Boards are the new way to present your work, share ideas and files. You can create collections of Boards within a project allowing you to stay organised for a particular job or client. Use our powerful Board tools to create beautiful presentations with your work, files and assets.

“Boards really allow me to tell the project story. I have a record of every project and it’s activity from concept to completion.”
Jane Symonds - Graphic Designer
Upload any file

Quickly upload any file by dragging and dropping right from your desktop. You can drag files directly into the appropriate Project Boards.

Embellish your Boards with video

Video makes a great addition to your Boards. Drag & drop supported video files or copy and paste any video URL into the upload panel to save it to your Board. You can also save video as you browse by using our awesome Chrome extension.

Bookmark websites

Copy and paste any web page URL into the upload panel to save that web page. You can also save web pages as you browse by using our awesome Chrome extension.

Customise Board headers

Make a statement with every Project Board. Create fully branded and designed Board headers that showcase each stage of your project.

“This is awesome when presenting to clients because you can customise with their branding and corporate colours”
Dave White - Creative Director
Dynamic Project Board Layouts

Customise each Project Board based on your needs – moodboards, design assets or presentation. Choose from the 3 different layout options, Meticulous, Masonry or Grid. Don’t worry your project will look great across all devices.

“Depending on the project I’m working on and what stage, I switch between all 3. The fixed grid is great for mood boards but the Masonry view is great for photoshoots.”
Jenny May - Art Director
Your files, your way

Get creative with the items you add to your Project Boards. Easily rearrange them the way you like by dragging & dropping them anywhere within the grid.

“So much easier and faster than moving boxes around in Adobe Indesign”
Eddie McMann - Graphic Designer
Resize items

Create interesting layouts easily. Choose from 4 sizing options to help your designs stand out. At any size your items will fit perfectly within the grid.

“This is one of my favourite features. It’s so useful for creating image hierarchy on the board. It saves so much time when concepting and designing layouts.”
Mathew Grinner - Brand Designer
Create visual hierarchy with section headers

Create visual hierarchy in your Project Boards with section headers. Use them to describe the section, then upload files, notes and links directly beneath by clicking the Add item button.

“This transforms Projo into a very useful presentation tool. It makes it possible to create and present with visual hierarchy so you can break down your Boards into sections”
Sarah Mitti - Graphic Designer
Write notes

Save thoughts and ideas quickly by creating a note anywhere on your Board. Quickly edit the note directly on your Board as you work and allow others to do the same.

“Notes are great way to quickly write down your ideas, they really help in the concept phase by keeping thoughts with the work or images you upload.”
Mike Jackson - Copywritter
Make your files stand out with highlighting

Highlighting is a great way to quickly identify the files you are talking about within a discussion. You can also use highlighting to visually identify selects, or categorise items.

Group discussion

You can share your Project Boards with your team, suppliers or clients. Board discussion is where you discuss the Board itself, whether it's feedback, reviewing work in progress, or general project chat.

“We can have discussions about full projects, Boards or single files. It's so much easier to keep track of what we are all doing than sending a million emails with attachments.”
Organise files with tags

Managing your files is easy using our tagging system. Those files you do not tag on upload can easily be tagged as a group from within your Project Boards. Tagging your files makes them infinitely easier to find in a hurry, to download for presentations, view for reference, or copy to other boards.

“The ability to tag on upload is a massive time saver when dealing with lots of images. It’s great when quickly gathering images for contact sheets and presentations”.
James Green - Photographer
Save on the go with our Chrome extension

Save images, video and web pages direct to your Project Boards while you browse, with our awesome Chrome Browser Extension. Simply activate the extension when you browse and save content as you surf, perfect for research and reference gathering.

Transfer large files

Need to send files to people that aren’t signed up to Projo.co? Simply select the files and transfer directly from your Project Boards to any email address. Recipients will receive an email with links to quickly download the files. No signup required.

Feedback with annotations

Give clear feedback exactly where you need it. Sketch annotations and attach them to your comments. Choose from sketch & line tools, 3 stroke weights and 4 colours. You can go back in history and remove each mark individually or start again.

Search everything

Rest assured that whatever you upload you’ll also be able to find. Search filenames, tags, Project Board names or Project names. Use tags so you can quickly find groups of files to download or copy to another Project Board.

“Before Projo.co I spent hours searching for files buried deep within email chains, desktop folders and the trash! It's such a powerful search tool. Very impressive.”
Vanessa Richardson - Project Manager
Print your Project Boards, fast

Projo.co gives you the ability to print any Board in it’s entirety and also single images. This is perfect for getting to meetings and internal reviews on time.

Collect references while you browse

Add our chrome browser extension to quickly collect images, video and bookmarks for reference, ideas and moodboards.

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